Minimally Invasive Hi-Tech Overseas Medical Treatments for Men with Prostate Cancer   

We stand ready to help you with referrals to the latest science-based (targeted) prostate treatments not available in Australia & NZ. 

We also complement your treatments with personalised diet (DNA based) and exercise regimes (DNA based) – no more guesswork.

For example: Men under our guidance who received cell based immune therapies, hyperthermia & in some cases adjunct low dose chemotherapy, have reported a boost in vitality & improved long-term outcomes – beyond ‘normal’ AU & NZ medical expectations. 

How we help You. 

We assist you to navigate the hi-tech overseas treatment maze via our global medical network.

We start by helping you access world certified genomic diagnostic tests (Australia) to determine the exact genetic nature of your cancer – this in turn enables targeted treatments. 

Next – We advise patients on treatment choices & make referrals to clinics nationally & internationally. We coordinate, guide and case manage through the process. 

From 30 years’ referring patients for overseas treatments, we have built a global medical network which includes many leading cancer doctors and medical centres of excellence. 

In my experience, giving talks to prostate groups across Queensland, the side-effects of hormone treatment, radical prostatectomy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy are much worse and more widespread than the statistics medically quoted.

The key to successful patient outcomes is the relationship between the cancer navigator (Grace Gawler) and the patient. When patients work closely with the navigator (has assisted 1000s of men with prostate cancer) optimal outcomes are consistent.  

The chart below, shows what is possible when we help patients access advanced medical technologies. For example; there are no Proton Beam therapy centres in Australia & New Zealand but we refer patients to proton centres in Japan.

Other programs include individualised nutritional guidance, stretch therapy, stress solutions, pain management, psychological and emotional coaching (psycho-oncology) while having fun and feeding the spirit by connecting with places of beauty in nature.

The Prostate Mates leader is Pip Cornall, a director of  The Grace Gawler Institute with a background in teaching, men’s emotional health, yoga therapy for cancer patients and outdoor programs.

In 2012 we received a grant from Queensland rail, now Aurizon. The grant enabled us to establish our website and services as well as presenting education and awareness programs in Mount Isa and on the Gold Coast.

Master Practitioner & Health Advisor – Grace Gawler,

Founder Grace Gawler Institute (2010) and previous co-founder of the Gawler Foundation (Vic 1981)
Over 43 years cancer strategies experience across a wide range of cancer related disciplines

Medical therapeutic team…

  • Grace Gawler – Cancer Navigator, patient advocate – Grace Gawler DHM (dist) DBSc ATMS Mem IPOS…. naturopath, herbal medicine, nutritional forensics, psycho-oncology, case management
  • Pip Cornall – Yoga Therapy, Nutrition
  • Oncology – We collaborate with an alliance of leading oncology specialists across Australia and around the world (their names are confidential for obvious reasons)

Pip Cornall – Prostate Mates Leader

Work Experience:

  • Director of Health Promotion & Cancer Solutions Charity – 2010 – present (2018)
  • Leader of Prostate Mates Programs 2012-13
  • Communication and yoga therapy courses health professionals & cancer patients
  • Peer Mediation Trainer – Oregon Schools 1998 -2000, 2005
  • Mediator/Trainer – AIS Olympic Cycling Team – Harassment Prevention Course 5-day course – 2003
  • NSW Youth Justice Convenor Feb 2003 – Feb 2004
  • Mediator/Trainer Medford (Oregon) Juvenile Prison 2004-7
  • Court Mediator – 2005-7 Medford Court – Oregon
  • Community Peace Making – Oregon = private business – 2004-7
  • Geelong High School  (VIC 1970 -72)
  • Queensland PE Teacher (Brisbane & Gold Coast 1974-7)
  • Dept of Sport and Recreation Qld, 1975-7
  • Geelong High School PE Teacher 1970-72

Grace Gawler – Program Medical Advisor

Grace Gawler Bio:

Grace Gawler 43 years of milestones: